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What is BETA MAG™?
The BETA MAG™ is a twin drum magazine with a capacity of 100 rounds of ammunition and the capability to store the ammunition in the fully loaded magazine for an indefinite period of time. It consists of two (2) main components:
  • DRUM STORAGE HOUSING - A standard which fits any weapon
  • INTERCHANGEABLE FEED CLIP KIT - Its configuration may vary from weapon to weapon. It basically serves as an adapter for the various types of weapons.

In use by military forces and law enforcement agencies worldwide, BETA MAG™ boosts the capacity of 5.56(.223), 7.62(.308) and 9mm weapons to an impressive 100 rounds, while increasing firing stability and lowering the weapon's overall profile. NATO APPROVED, BETA MAG™ is the proven high capacity magazine that meets and exceeds rigorous military specifications.

  • Operates smoothly and without malfunctions
  • Continuously tested and used by military services worldwide since 1989.
  • Successfully deployed in conditions such as sand, water, ice, dirt, mud, heat, and cold.
  • Estimated 60,000-round service life
  • Successfully undergone extensive environmental, endurance, and reliability testing


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 U.S. Sales Restrictions  The following US States restrict high capacity magazines: California, Colorado, Connecticut, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, New Jersey, Hawaii & Washington D.C. The following US Cities restrict high capacity magazines: Aurora, IL, Chicago, IL, Franklin Park, IL, Oak Park, IL, Riverdale, IL
International Sales Restrictions Sales of BETA MAG™ Magazines to customers outside the United States are controlled by the US Department of State and require an export license. For local representatives worldwide, export requirements or any other support
Please call 1-800-669-2382 or E-mail to