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Posted: 2/1/2012
High-Cap AR Mags
By Guy Neill,
In the heat of battle, you might not have time to reload!

The highest-capacity magazine currently available is the Beta Company’s C-Mag. It’s been around a while and has been used by the military. It has proven reliable and capable. It avoids the long length problem by using twin 50-round drums.

With two 50-round drums, one to each side of the central mag tube, the short length, top to bottom, allows prone or bench use and balances the weight evenly. Since pushing two columns of cartridges together creates friction, graphite lube is recommended for best results.

The Beta C-Mag has an elegance and panache unmatched by the various box magazines. When you need a lot of ammunition ready to go, the Beta C-Mag will deliver. Long-term storage loading is not a problem with the Beta, either.

 Beta offers two loading tools depending on your needs. The Personal Loader loads loose cartridges and the Speed Loader uses stripper clips to load the magazine. The Personal Loader was used here and worked well.

Posted: 11/28/2008
ATFC-IF Memorandum For Beta Company
By SFC James Mentel @ 408 289-3903
Product evaluations The ARMY Experimental Task Force (AETF) a unit of the Future Force Integration Directorate (FFID) at Ft Bliss, TX evaluated 6 of your companies BETA-C 100 round drum magazines for the following weapons M/4 with black covers, M4 with clear covers and M249 with black covers.
The following is a description of the performance evaluations

The M4 drums with black covers were used in three scenarios; controlled pair, controlled burst and rapid fire. The two drums performed flawlessly in all three engagements and only the normal maintenance had to be performed afterwards.The weight and ACU carrying pouch was also set up well for user mounting and accessibility to all components. The loading time was longer than a standard 30 round magazine but the quantity is well worth it. Both drums performed flawlessly in all three scenarios without jams or stoppages.

The M4 drums with the clear backs were also used in the same three scenarios and the only difference was in the rapid fire scenario due to gas blowback the covers became clouded due to carbon/oil/smoke. It is not clear what steps could be taken to resolve this or if a protective coating exists to reduce the clouding. One Soldier suggested possibly using Dry Lube oil. Both drums performed flawlessly in all three scenarios without jams or stoppages.

The two M249 drums were only evaluated in the controlled burst and rapid fire scenarios. Both also had no issues but comments on the weight of the drums compared to the 100 round linked M249 SAW box were made. The loading and weight of the link-less vs. linked rounds are not comparable but any reduction in weight would be well received to this system.

Awaiting products samples for the 7.62 Springfield SOCOM II and EBR rifles.

During the After Action Review (AAR) Soldiers had only positive comments about the BETA-C drums and will continue to use them in future exercises. We appreciate the chance to integrate your product into our field arsenal.

Thank you again for allowing us this opportunity.

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